Is Under Armour Apparel USA-Made?

Is Under Armour Apparel USA-Made?

When purchasing company apparel and gifts, a major concern for many consumers is whether the products are made in the USA. People want to support American businesses and ensure that the items they buy are not produced in sweatshops or under unethical conditions. Under Armour, known for its high-quality and high-performance products, is a popular choice for corporate gifts and employee uniforms. But are Under Armour products actually made in the USA?

The Under Armour Brand Story

Under Armour is an American-based company with its corporate office located in Baltimore, Maryland. At this headquarters, the company designs and tests its products in-house to ensure that each piece meets their high standards for quality and performance. When you choose Under Armour for your company gifts and employee uniforms, you can be confident that you are supporting a US-based company.

However, as a large, global company, the question of where Under Armour products are manufactured is more complex. Currently, most of UA's products are still made overseas, particularly in China and other Eastern nations. While the majority of its products are not currently made in the USA, Under Armour is making significant efforts to reduce its reliance on factories abroad and move towards a more American-focused production.

Under Armour Factory Conditions

Should you still choose custom Under Armour apparel and bags for your corporate gifts, even though most of their products are made overseas? One of the primary reasons consumers prefer American-made company merchandise is the concern surrounding sweatshop labor. Under Armour has never been involved in any sweatshop legal matters and requires its factories to pass a strict audit annually. More importantly, the company is currently making strong efforts to move more of its manufacturing to the USA.

In 2017, Under Armour launched its first line of products made in the USA at UA Lighthouse, a new 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Baltimore. While the initial run of products from the facility was small, the company was able to bring these products to market on a much shorter timeline. The opening of UA Lighthouse is a significant investment by Under Armour in their efforts to make more products in the USA, indicating that there will be more opportunities in the future to choose UA when you want American-made corporate merchandise.

Choosing Under Armour for Your Company Merch

When selecting Under Armour for your corporate gifts and gear, you are supporting a company that is actively investing in creating American-made products with a high-performance athletic build that your team will love to wear. If you're looking for customizable promotional products that enhance your brand's visibility and memorability, consider emblzn*. With an array of name-brand items like Under Armour hoodies, headwear, t-shirts, and accessories, emblzn* enables businesses to imprint their company logo on popular merchandise using advanced techniques in embroidery, printing, and personalization.

By choosing emblzn* for your Under Armour corporate merch needs, you can create promotional items that act as an extension of your brand, supporting your business in maintaining a consistent and impactful market presence. As Under Armour continues to invest in American manufacturing, you can feel good about selecting their products for your company's needs, knowing that you are supporting a US-based company committed to ethical production practices.

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